Days of You and Me started as a blog I wrote for my children and our extended family who live states away from us.  I wrote about parenting, birth, yoga, and the environment.  In fact, Days of You and Me was once called Green Mamma.  I wrote reviews about healthy and green products for babies and children, and I also thought about how safe our day to day lives are and would be for our children.  Because I was documenting my children’s lives,   I also shared my photography of them.

Over time, as my children have gotten older, I have had less and less time to write daily, weekly or even monthly.  Nine years later I stop in and post a few photos from a major life event, like kindergarten graduation or traveling to Italy.   With each passing year, I share less and less about my children and their personal lives because as much as I want to share the good parts of our lives and hopefully inspire other families and parents to have loving, creative and positive experiences together, I also know that my children’s privacy is above all else a sacred thing.

Aside from writing, photography is my method for storytelling.  I have made my living from working as both a freelance and studio photographer for over 7 years. My portfolio can be viewed at http://www.jessicamonte.com

As my photography business has grown, I learn more and my desire to help others prompted me to start teaching photography.  As part of my efforts to share my love for photography with others, I have built an educational website called Mastering Manual: http://www.masteringmanual.com

At this point, I keep Days of You and Me to continue sharing the big moments in my family’s life with our extended family and with those of you who share my interests: family, parenting, photography, storytelling, seeing, giving, and sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.



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