Hi there,

I am Jessica.  This is my personal blog. Here’s what you should know about me:

I am a talker.  I love to tell stories and I love to hear stories.  I love learning about people.

I love to be silly.  In my free time, I climb trees with my kids and pick wildflowers.  I run backwards and sing when I go jogging with my husband.  And I have been known to bust into dance when the mood strikes.   I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh.  Luckily for me, I have two kids who find me hilarious . . . most of the time.

Photography is my method for telling stories and I consider it my calling to help others tell their stories too.  Did I mention that I love getting to learn about people?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Leave a comment and let me know about yours too, ok?




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