The Reservoir is Frozen and Drained

by Jessica on January 10, 2017

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Today I drove down to the reservoir, which they drained for renovations.  Matt came with me because even though the reservoir is beautiful , there is a bit of walking to do from where we park and I needed to go deep into the woods to get out to where the water used to be.  I took photos of the frozen ground and debris.  It makes me sad to see the beer cans, bottles and fishing line.  That said, I am glad that so many people are appreciating this local natural resource; I just hope that we can all learn to take good care of it.    I can’t wait to see the final outcome in 2019 when Loudoun Water opens up the reservoir to the public again.  In the meantime, the trails are open.  We’re hoping to get back out there this April for another big clean up with the community.  I miss my lake that I grew up on and in some ways, the reservoir is a little reminder of home . . . it’s a beautiful space right in our backyard.  I couldn’t be more grateful to have discovered this place.


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