Rome and Tuscany

by Jessica on October 11, 2016

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It was an amazing trip.  And I took so many photos I needed to put some distance between the images and myself to try and narrow it down.  And still . . . so many photos.  I feel biased to the photos because I’m too sentimental about them.  I can’t be objective to say whether or not they are any good.  I tried to photograph all the parts of this story as it unfolded, but there was so much.  It was a sensory overload and yet is was a welcome gourmet for my eyes and spirit.  I fell in love in Italy with Italy.  Since we returned home I have purchased a cappuccino machine and I listen to Italian music . . . I miss it so much.  But I am hopeful that some day I will get the chance to make another hop across the ocean and go back.  It is another home away from home.  I could go on and on but of course I’m gushing.


Wherever we travel I always appreciate the street art.  Graffiti has its good and its bad.  Some is beautiful; some not so much, but all the cities we’ve travelled to have graffiti artists.  Annabelle was more than eager to post with her oversized aviator glasses.  Age 9.  My girl.


We carried water wherever we went.  It was sooooo hot.  We started buying water by the liter and just guzzled it as we walked through the cities.



Gelato.  I could have a love affair with gelato. Ah, it reminds me of childhood and falling in love, all in a tiny cup.











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Around every corner there was something else to see in Rome.  I never felt bored.  Not for a second.

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We rode a motorized four person bicycle.  So fun!  Even when we crashed!  And I swear that it wasn’t my fault   . . .

_dsc1276 _dsc1281

And before we knew it we were in a BMW station wagon that we nicknamed Money Penny because of her British accent.  She served us well.  We navigated out of Rome and into the countryside.  Tuscany was waiting . . .

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_dsc1355 _dsc1361 _dsc1365 _dsc1371 _dsc1373 _dsc1403 _dsc1407 _dsc1408 _dsc1410 _dsc1422 _dsc1429 _dsc1435 _dsc1438 _dsc1440 _dsc1443 _dsc1450

In Tuscany, Matt found a pool table and spent many an hour there clacking the heck out of the table.  We attempted to teach a German couple how to play . . . they preferred the foosball table.  I listened to loud Italian opera and danced.

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In Tuscany we took a cooking class and learned to make homemade pasta and ravioli.  Annabelle was a natural in the kitchen.  Me . . . I could get the hang of it if I wanted to.  I just don’t have the patience to stand and wait for things to happen . . . I’m better at chopping and prepping and making things happen.  Not a good waiter.  Patience is not my strong suit.


_dsc1515 _dsc1516 _dsc1521 _dsc1522 _dsc1524 _dsc1525 _dsc1527 _dsc1529 _dsc1530 _dsc1531 _dsc1532 _dsc1538 _dsc1548 _dsc1549 _dsc1557 _dsc1558 _dsc1562 _dsc1565 _dsc1567 _dsc1575 _dsc1584 _dsc1585 _dsc1588 _dsc1597 _dsc1598 _dsc1600 _dsc1604 _dsc1605 _dsc1621 _dsc1645 _dsc1646 _dsc1650 _dsc1657 _dsc1664 _dsc1672 _dsc1684 _dsc1688 _dsc1706 _dsc1712

And before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head off on our next adventure . . . Florence.  More photos to come.


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