Sydney’s Home!

by Jessica on March 11, 2014

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This week we had a surprise visit from our nanny Sydney, who just came home for spring break from her college in South Carolina.   It was a complete surprise for the kids, as Sydney asked us to promise not to tell them.  They’ve been asking for her, and we’ve been face timing with her about once a week so the kids get a chance to see her and she can see them.  In the year and a half that she nannied for us, Sydney became like a big sister or aunt to the kids, and it wasn’t easy saying goodbye, even though we’re so happy for her.

When the doorbell rang, the kids ran to answer it like they always do and I was quick to grab my camera to catch a few shots of the action.






When we made it to the kitchen, it was hard for the kids to break old habits.  They both immediately grabbed their most recent craft project to show her and to ask for help too.  I had to remind them that Sydney had come for a visit and that maybe they could get together to craft some other time.




Of course, being the awesome gal that she is, Sydney had a busy day and our neighbors who’ve gotten to know her and work with her too wanted to visit too.  Before she headed out though, Annabelle begged Sydney to watch her ride her new electric Razor (which still gives me heart palpitations).  Levi rode his bike and Phinn was happy to get outside.  In fact, when Sydney did head down to the neighbors’ house, I took Phinn out on a long Sunday run.  He’s become my best running partner ever.  He usually keeps me company right at my side, but when I slow down, he usually gives a little pull to let me know to pick up my pace.



Hopefully we’ll get to visit with Sydney a bit more before she heads back down to school next week.  We do love our current nanny Janelle, and I’m sure when she leaves for school later this summer, it’ll be a fun treat for us all to get to visit with her.

In the meantime, we’ll appreciate the time we have and go about our regular busy circus.  This week Annabelle competed in a Jump Rope for Heart event, Levi’s creating a Star Wars masterpiece with all the many vintage and new figurines that his Dad and Grandma have given him, I’m out running most days and jumping through hoops in preparation for a vendor show later this week, a senior session, and a glamour photo shoot.  Matt’s busy with work, as always, and is trying to get his book published.  And somehow, in between everything else that he’s doing, he’s experimenting with different portrayals of Moonlight Sonata, which is such an emotional piece that I’m begging him to move onto something more upbeat because I find myself nearing real tears whenever he plays it.

Last I’ll leave with a photo of Toby he came by to hang out with me one morning last week while I was photographing boutique products for my studio.  I couldn’t resist a photo of the Tobester.   He’ll turn 13 this April and he’s still looking good and going strong.  I almost think that his usual annoyance with Phinn has been good for him.  He likes to spook the dog whenever he walks by and I think that somehow it gives him a certain amount of satisfaction.    Who would’ve thought that adopting a dog would have been a good thing for a cat?


So it looks like much of the rest of the month is going to be pretty busy.  We have St. Patty’s plans, birthday parties, art and swim class, work, work and more work, and the promise of days spent outside, especially on Sundays when we’re all home.  I’m crossing my fingers that March doesn’t turn into a lion and stays a lamb.


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