Last Week of School–Happy Father’s Day

by Jessica on June 16, 2013

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It’s a miracle!  I am posting twice in one week!

Today it is Father’s Day.  And so far I feel a little bit like a terrible wife.  I woke up at 8:00 and came downstairs to see my husband making himself homemade blueberry waffles and eggs for himself and the kids.  Then again, when I consider my cooking skills, I realize that my not cooking breakfast is probably a gift that Matt is giving himself.  We then sat and drank coffee while reading the paper.

Afterwards we gave Matt his Father’s Day presents–Matt style.  I gave him a box loaded up with gifts wrapped in a blanket.  Ugh.  I can’t believe I didn’t wrap his presents.  But he didn’t seem to mind.  He liked the foam back roller I searched high and low for since he’d been wanting one for a couple of months now.  It helps him get all the muscle knots out of his legs and back, and well, he has a lot of those.  We also gave him some new summer clothes which I knew he needed and wanted since Matt has a tendency to buy new clothes every decade or so.  Seriously.  My lovable, brilliant and handsome husband does not like to go shopping.  Or spend money.  Which is where the kids and I come in.  We like to do those things.  And we like to make sure that our favorite guy is not walking around in clothes with holes in them.

Meanwhile, Matt and the kids are upstairs right now getting dressed for a family bike ride while I type away and post pics.  I’ve promised him this will be a fast post.  So here it is.

I took these pics on Levi’s and Annabelle’s respective last weeks of school.  I think this may be the only picture I have of Levi with his class.  The only person missing is his buddy Vihaan who finished school early to go on a trip to India.  Annabelle’s class performed a singing show the day before her last day.  She was so proud and excited to perform for us.

So that’s it.  Oh and the other kids pictured are our neighbors Evan and Shinu.  Who are very adorable and sweet.

DSC_9570 DSC_9584 DSC_9586 DSC_9591 DSC_9592 DSC_9594 DSC_9595 DSC_9596 DSC_9597 DSC_9598 DSC_9599 DSC_9600 DSC_9601 DSC_9603 DSC_9607 DSC_9609 DSC_9610 DSC_9612 DSC_9615 DSC_9618 DSC_9622 DSC_9624 DSC_9627 DSC_9628

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