by Jessica on April 16, 2013

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March was a busy month and oh my goodness, I can’t believe we are already halfway through April!  In March, we celebrated St. Patty’s Day only to fast forward to spring the following week with Brambleton’s Easter Egg Hunt.  Matt brought the kids for the hunt and arts trail since I was hosting a table at the hunt for my photography business.  Below, I am learning martial arts with Kung Fu Panda while taking a break from my table.


Then, when it was time for the kids to take their turn at the egg hunt, I snuck away from the table again to snap a few photos of them gathering their eggs.


No one told Levi that there was a limit to how many eggs he could collect, so our little collector gathered as many as he could.  At the end, the folks running the hunt made him toss a few back into the field.  I looked over from my table and wondered, why is my kid the only one tossing eggs back?  Well, looks like his sets his sites big.


The following weekend we drove up to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  At the Raudenbush egg hunt I took a few photos of my gorgeous niece, nephew, and my brother-in-law’s nephew (who is like my nephew).  He is the cutey with the big blue eyes.  Beautiful isn’t he?


LoudounSeniors (1)

LoudounSeniors (3)

And this month we are having as much fun as ever, though it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  All in good fun though.  I am excited that this month we are getting our kitchen renovated!  Soon, this lady right here is going to have the white cabinets she’s always dreamed of having as well as a seaside decor (which reminds me of Siesta Key–our family’s favorite vacation spot).  Speaking of which . . . vacation this year can’t come soon enough.  I am so looking forward to jumping waves with the kids, burying Matt in the sand, and building sand castles.  I also can’t wait for sunsets, home made ice cream, and cozying up with a good book.  So much to look forward to!

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