St. Patty’s Day Visit With Nana, Papa Joe, Grandma and Parade with Our Friends the Burkes

by Jessica on March 18, 2013

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Back again!  All in a day too.  Woo hoo.  Feels good to sit down and write; share some photos; make a record of what we’ve been up to.

Over the weekend, we got to visit with Nana, Papa Joe, and Grandma.  It was a long overdue visit that was far too short.  But never the less, it was a great visit with lots of good food, traveling here and there, and playing with the kids too. As part of our planning for the Holderer family reunion this June, my mom and I made everyone go to Wegman’s so we could check out the catering menu and sample some food.  The grandparents had never been to a Wegman’s before so they were pleasantly surprised at how good the food is there and how big the grocery store is too.  Afterwards we returned home to play a kids’ lacrosse game, tee ball, nerf ball, and to ride bikes. This mama was tired out after all the running around, but Nana and Papa Joe were going strong.  They played 11 games of Go Fish while I napped for an hour.  We then got ready to head back out for another family meal and some shopping.

The next morning we loaded up the cars and headed downtown for the National St. Patrick’s Day parade.  So many great dancers, marching bands, traditional Irish dancers and musicians, and of course, lots of Irish and Irish spirited people too.  The kids collected candy thrown out by the people marching the parade and we drank hot chocolate and snacked on soft pretzels from the street vendors.  Halfway through the parade, we said our goodbyes to the grandparents and stayed a while longer to hang out with our friends the Burkes who we’ve known for years and who also live nearby us in Brambleton.  When the rain started, we decided to walk back towards the cars and find some food.  Luckily, Eli had spotted a small pub where we ordered beer, bar food, and irish coffee.  Yet another good meal.

Next year I am hoping for a little warmer weather for the parade, but aside from that it was good fun and I hope we make it back again.  It was sad to say goodbye to the grandparents but we will be seeing them all again in the next month or so.  Here are a few of my favorite pics from the St. Patty’s Day Parade.



DSC_9816 DSC_9818












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