Show Your Sweet Side

by Jessica on February 24, 2013

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About two weeks ago, our family hosted a Show Your Sweet Side Valentine’s Day party for the kids in our neighborhood.  We set up a cookie decorating station, an arts and craft table where kids could make a Valentine or ornament, and a dessert table with all sorts of yummy sweet stuff.   To my surprise, the kids all decorated cookies to take home to their parents, which I thought was awful generous of them (though they did decorate at least 2 or 3 cookies each and most of them ate at least one).  Meanwhile, downstairs in the basement, they ran off their sugar high by scooting around on Levi’s new sitting scooter and playing whatever make believe games kids play when they’re between age 2 and 10.

At the end of the party, Matt and I happily sent home a dozen or more sugar high kids to their parents with bags full of more candy and cookies.  Our own kids were zonked, though Levi made himself quite comfortable under the dessert table where he smuggled Hershie kisses under the table to gobble up–the only proof being a large pile of silver wrappers and a chocolate smeared face.

I think the best part for me was getting to see the kids (of all ages) play together, make Valentines and tell one another how much they loved each other and were glad to be friends.  I am now trying to figure out what kind of fun we can put together for St. Patty’s Day and Easter later this month.  The wheels are turning . . .

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