Our Valentine’s Day Party Committee

by Jessica on January 24, 2013

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With February right around the corner, Annabelle and Levi thought it would be fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day by inviting our neighbors over for a craft and dessert party date.  I thought, hey, let’s set up a Party Planning Committee because that’s the kind of person I am.

Annabelle made herself captain of the Valentine’s Decorating Committee.

Levi has promised to play and make sure his friends have a good time.

Meanwhile I am organizing the party.  Right now I’m in that whole ‘what should I do with 10 kids ages 3 through 10?’ but luckily pinterest and a whole lot of other moms are swooping in to help me out.  Click here to check out my Valentines pinterest page.

I am a big fan of the K.I.S.S.  philosophy (and if you didn’t know, that means “Keep it simple Stupid, :-)”

I am also a big fan of being low maintenance with minimal mess.  And yes, it is possible to throw a kids’ party this way.  Last month I attended a wonderful holiday breakfast where adults chatted over bagels and coffee while kids crafted wooden tree ornaments.   And there was like no mess. (Thank you Christine for a great morning.  Since your party, I have aspired to be so ‘with it’ for my own shindigs.)

But here’s the thing. I know how much fun kids have when they decorate food, especially cookies and cupcakes.  And I’m talking frosting, icing pens, sprinkles, the whole nine  yards.  It’s gonna get messy.

With messy food decorating being a big part of our party’s equation, I am hoping to maintain the mess by setting up shop in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d create an easy craft table.  I am thinking Valentine’s coloring pages, magic color scratch ornaments, and magic color scratch and reveal valentines monsters.

Downstairs, I am going to set up a Valentine’s Day table.  I so wish I could do something as pretty as this, but we’ll see . . .


Source: google.com via Jessica on Pinterest

And when the kids aren’t crafting and making a yummy mess in the kitchen, I thought a Valentine’s themed dance party in our playroom could be fun.  Now to see whether Kids Bop offers a Valentines 2013 CD.

So what do you think? Does our Valentines shindig sound like fun?

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Emma February 10, 2013 at 10:09 am

Beautiful!! I am always so amazed about how it is all coming together so perfect on dessert tables, this is not an exception!
/Emma from Sweden

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