Ice skating

by Jessica on January 17, 2013

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I really wish it would snow.  Not that I want there to be accidents or long commutes.  I don’t.  I just want to get outside and play in the snow with my kids.  I want to go sledding, build a snowman (or woman or kid), have a snowball fight with Matt.  I want to get to meet more of my neighbors and their kids.  A snow day would be altogether a fun, good thing.

But for some reason it is pretty warm and rainy this winter.  This past weekend when it was in the 50s, Annabelle begged us to take her ice skating.  Which sounded like the perfect way to “feel” cold on a winter day, even when the temps are anything but.

And while I do know of many an ice skating rink nearby our new house, my favorite is the one just a mile or so from our old house.  This doubled as a great excuse to call the neighbors from Oak Spring and ask them to meet up with us for a day of ice skating.

 Now as I mentioned, it was a warm day but it was also Saturday and I didn’t feel like doing my hair.  Which is why I am wearing that dorky hat.  Still, there aren’t too many photos that I actually like of myself but this one happens to be one that I do.

Anyway, Levi and I skated together, both of us being at about the same level of expertise for ice skating.  Over and over, I said to him (and me too), “Walk, walk, glide.  Walk, walk, glide.”  And we did that around and around for quite a while until my mind started to wander and my poor little guy and I fell on our asses.  Which didn’t bother me so much but did traumatize him a bit.  So his dad took over for the next few rounds.

Meanwhile, Annabelle was skating around the rink on her own with her friends.  Which meant that she wanted nothing to do with her old mom.  I skated over and casually asked her, “Honey, do you want me to hold your hand and help you around the rink?”  To which she bluntly growled, “Mo-o-om!  I am hanging out with my friends.  Go. Away.”  Sheesh.  So I walk, walk, glided away and made my way around the rink by myself.  Which was actually fun since I didn’t have to worry about balancing for anyone but myself.  I eventually picked up speed and my confidence improved until I was doing it.  I was skating.  And even though I didn’t fall and my bum wasn’t hurting too badly from my earlier fall, I did have a little bit of a bruised ego from my six year old.  Of course, I realize it is probably a good thing that she’s Ms. Independent and is ready to venture off into the big wide world and have her own experiences without her mom tagging along.  Or so I tell myself . . .

Fortunately these two guys do still seem to need me.   After I was all skated out, I turned in my skates and picked up my camera.  I then snuck up on the boys as they sat on a bench eating their lunch.   And I took this photo.  Love the father son moment.  Love Matt’s scruffiness on a Saturday morning and I love Levi’s lunch face.

I still wish it would snow.  As I write this, I look outside at my yellow grass that is wet from days of rain.  It was supposed to snow today.  But Mother Nature is all AWOL on us this winter.

There’s always skiing . . .

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Amber January 17, 2013 at 4:03 pm

It does kind of sting when your kids start to reach the age where they think their friends are cooler than you. That’s for sure.

Jessica January 24, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Yeah, it didn’t feel great to be rejected, but at the same point, I can take a step back and see that she’s asserting her independence. She is confident and ready to have social experiences without having me (approximately) right there.

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