New Years Day 2013

by Jessica on January 9, 2013

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New years’ day was wonderful.  All of us were recovering from a cold and flu of some sort but we managed to make it outside to Legacy Park.  I followed all of you around with my camera and my new lens, which was a replacement for the one that I broke while we were in Portland.  If I do say so myself, it works pretty good.   Levi, you happened to be all smiles at the park–I think your joy came from being cooped up inside over the holiday break while we all fought off a plague of some sort.  Meanwhile, Annabelle, you played with your dad but took it easy.  You were pretty sick during Christmas and the vacation and I am pretty sure that you lost close to 5 lbs. during that time.  I wasn’t too worried though because as soon as you were feeling well again, you were piling your plate with all your favorite foods, especially yours and your Dad’s favorite: eggs and pasta.

Later that day, Levi and I headed over to Michaels to pick up wooden letters of different sizes and fonts.  We brought them home to paint them so we could finish up our alphabet wall, which we’d been putting together for over a year now.  A few days later we arranged our letters and one by one, hung them up in the playroom for a beautiful and colorful centerpiece of the room.  I will have to post a picture at some point.  In fact, I am waiting on large black and white prints of you kids taken over the course of the last year.  Once I frame these and hang them up, I’ll have to photograph the playroom and write a post about it over here.  It has been a lot of fun putting that room together with you two.  The lime green color is so fun and I love the hip and mod furniture that we picked out for it too. My goal is to make a space where you and your friends will like to play.  I want to be the house where you and your friends want to be.  And hopefully it will stay that way through your teen years.

For New Years, I don’t remember what our resolutions were, except that I had it engraved on my body and spirit that I would make sure to spend family time with my family.  So far so good.


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