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by Jessica on October 29, 2012

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I miss blogging!  Boo hoo.  I feel like whenever I have free time, I just want to let my brain take a break, so rather than write or post photos, I am reading books.  My favorites right now are those written by Kelly Armstrong, who authored a great series called the Otherworld.  Supernatural mystery stuff with a side of romance.  Perfect for this busy mama.  Anyway, with Hurricane Sandy sweeping through the D.C. metropolitan area and school being cancelled, I have a few moments to sit down and play with my blog, so here’s what I put together:

It’s been 2 1/2 months since we moved into our new house and we are all in agreement that is finally starting to feel like our home.  Aside from the basement playroom and Levi’s bedroom, we have not yet painted the house.  What we have done is ordered and hung up photos and pictures around the main level, we’ve arranged the furniture, and we’ve even purchased a few new pieces.  The biggest addition to our new home is Matt’s piano.  Ever since we were married 7 years ago, Matt has wanted for us to have a piano in the house.  In our condo we were pressed for space and became experts at playing tetris with the boxes in our closets.  Then we moved to our townhouse and were overwhelmed by how much more space we had.  Of course, with kids toys, basic furnishings, a pool table, and then my photography studio, we had less room that we thought we did.  Seven years later at the house we hope will be the last one we are in to raise kids, we have enough space to devote a room to a piano.

Meanwhile, I have been filing away furnishing wishes for years.  Much of our home furnishings previously came from thrift and consignment shops, Craigslist, and IKEA; as we’ve grown in our marriage and savings, I have been able to get a few items from my favorites like World Market and Pottery Barn.  That isn’t to say that I have anything against my found furniture.   I like to own things that I like.  That last sentence looks funny in print, but honestly, if you were to look around your house in just a room or two, could you say that you like your surroundings?  I know many a person who holds onto this or that piece not because they like it but because someone gave it to them and they feel guilty about letting it go.  I also know that sometimes it isn’t easy to give away furniture left to us by loved ones who have passed away.

What I try to do is hold onto to what I like, whether it was given to me or found by me, and I try to incorporate these pieces of my life and home with furnishings that I love.    What do I do when I don’t like something?  Well, I usually do 1 of 3 things:  1) ask the person who gave it to me whether they have space for the item in their own home and if not, whether it would be okay if I gave the item away; 2) give the item away if it something that our family has outgrown; and last but definitely not my favorite option 3) I store the item until I can find a way to reinvent it with either paint or fabric so that I like it.

Having budgeted for furniture in the new house, I was able to purchase a guest bed, a farm table that I’m using as a desk, a front porch bench, a picnic table for the backyard, kitchen chairs and stools, and a chaise.  Phew!  Having just written all that furniture down here, I am realizing just how much we’ve added to our home.  To find furniture, I searched antique stores, the Goodwill, thrift shops and online venues from Amazon to Ballards.   Then I asked my mom for those pieces she’s been holding for me for years now.  I took an old china closet, my great grandmother’s rocking chair, my parents’ pedestal table, and family china, dishes, and sculpture.  All together, these pieces are shaping up to be a home that I am falling very much in love with.  Below are a few photos of our home as it is in October 2012.

Once I finish setting up the kids’ playroom and decide what to do about my kitchen cabinets, I will share a few more peaks into our home.  In the coming weeks, I am going to wrap up Levi and Annabelle’s rooms as well as the guest room.  My bedroom may be a work in progress for the coming years as I have no idea what to do with it . . . it’s  a funny space . . . one that I love and am overwhelmed by.  I’ll share more on that at some point.

Anyway, that’s our house as it is right now.  I’d love to get outside to photograph the backyard and front porch, but with 30 mph winds outside my home, I don’t think that would be a smart idea.

Until I can share more!

Stay safe and dry!


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carol fernino November 2, 2012 at 7:32 pm

the house looks grreat! you did a wonderful job decorating! and i also love your stories!

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