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by Green Mamma on August 8, 2008

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Happy Friday green readers! As an alternative to my weekly green friend of the week post, I am introducing a quick green linky post where I direct green folks like yourself to green goodies around the web. This week, I am asking folks to think about topics ranging from fish manging on dead skin to using honey as an alternative medicine for wounds. So, here we go:

1. Fish Pedicures. As a follow up to my post about giving yourself a good karma pedicure, I thought I’d see what folks think about the new fish spa pedicure in which people pay for Garra Rufa, or Doctor Fish, to nibble away at the dead skin on their feet. Spas that employ Garra Rufa to eat customer’s foot skin have been open in Turkey, Japan, Umag, Croatia, China, Hainan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia for several years; recently John Ho started offering a fish spa treatment at his salon Yvonne Hair and Nail Salon here in Northern Virginia. According to Ho, the hot water in which Garra Rufa thrive does not support plant life so the fish learned to thrive on available food sources, like dead skin. As someone who cares about animal rights, I feel somewhat weary about the idea of a fish pedicure becoming a widespread trend; at the same time, I am curious as to what the pedicure feels like, how sanitary it is, and whether or not the fish are happy to feast on all that dead skin. What is your opinion on fish pedicures? Would you consider a fish pedicure?

2. Hollywood Vaccination Debate. Amanda Peet apologized on Good Morning America for her negative comments in Cookie Magazine, in which she called parents who choose not to vaccinate their children “parasites.” On GMA, Peet emphasized that she is not an expert, that she is an actor, and that the public should “go to the experts” for advice regarding vaccinations. GMA covered Amanda Peet’s comments and stance regarding vaccinations by juxtaposing her with footage from an interview with Jenny McCarthy, who spoke with GMA for her Green Our Vaccines rally, which she lead in Washington, D.C. Whether or not you agree with Peet or McCarthy, based on Peet’s interview on GMA, I agree with her stance regarding whether or not parents and other guardians should vaccinate based on the opinions of celebrities. Many parents consider their child’s pediatrician the most qualified expert to help them determine their child’s medical care; at the same time, other parents are not convinced that their pediatrician is the most qualified individual to make choices in their child’s life (especially those in which an unknown x-factor, like mercury, can be life changing). A great read for any parent hoping to learn more about vaccinations and vaccine schedules is The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears. What I love about The Vaccine Book is that Sears offers a course of action for all parents based on their concerns with vaccinations; our family is following Sears’ alternative vaccine schedule.

3. World Breastfeeding Week. Last week I ran this post highlighting awesome boob coverage around the net. This week, I recommend that folks check out Creative Kismet’s boob cookies and breastfeeding art. She is an especially talented artist, and if you can’t tell, I’m among her fans. Go on over and see for yourself.

4. Save at the Pump. Check out Jenn’s post about surprising ways to save cash at the pump. My favorite tip is that keeping your car clean and light will help cut costs each time you fuel up (a perfect excuse for me to indulge my habit of cleaning my car each week). I love being green and clean, and an added bonus is being able to save dollars!

5. Bee Alternative to Antibiotics. Laura over at We Don’t Buy it just shared this post about how her son’s leg wound (from a biking collision with a fire hydrant) is being cared for with a honey treatment. To read more about her research on honey and its healing abilities, go here.

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Green Mamma August 8, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Disease is my primary concern too, aside from the idea of letting a fish feed on me. Yuck! When I was growing up on the Housatonic my father used to joke with my sister and me about letting the sunnies nibble on our toes. One time we tried it and it really freaked us out! Anyway, I think I will stick with a traditional, but green, at home pedicure.

As for rafting down the Colorado River, that sounds like a good time.

Abbie August 8, 2008 at 1:42 pm

When we went rafting down the Colorado River and came to the convergence with the Green River, there were little fish there that nibbled on us. It felt like little tickles, almost like a massage. Some people liked it, but I was NOT a fan and it felt gross to me. Not the feeling, but the image in my head of the fish nibbling on me. I bet this is similar to the feeling of the fish pedicure. Still, it grosses me out. I would be worried about the spread of disease. You never know, what if a fish bit too hard and drew blood?

This whole idea is just makes me think ICK!!! But then again, I don’t like people to touch my feet for pedicures, so maybe it’s just me.

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